Welsh duo Larch shares single from their upcoming EP The World is Dangerous; Go Outside out November 22nd


Welsh duo Larch last week (Nov 8,2019) debuted their first single ‘A Mirror in Ultraviolence’ from their upcoming EP “The World is Dangerous; Go Outside” to be released from sinc(x) Records. Listen to the single below.  The combination of synth and xylophonic melody and rhythm is reminiscent of post-rock without the hedonistic drumming with a sense of organic ambiance.  The track from the experimental electronic duo debuted on Music Week.  Check out what was written below.

Started as an attempt to stave off a descent into madness and to create some sense of purpose, Larch is the collaborative enterprise of Kai and Matt. Between long spells of hypnagogic indifference, the duo made their first EP, 2018’s Unknown Neural Pathways – a sprawling set of jarring nightmare-scapes, addressing the need for humanity in an automated world. They went on to compose a live set, Modulated in Savage Discord; a piece which tried to put Europe’s imperial past into stark focus and in late 2018, they were commissioned by up-and-coming artist and curator Ethan Dodd to make an exhibition sound piece, Stillness; Despair. Movement; Despair! for The Maiden, an exhibition in Cardiff’s Ruin Gallery

Citing influences such as Aphex Twin, Lanark Artefax, FIS, Claude Speeed, and Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Larch compose commentaries through a tangled palette of sonic anarchy. Drawing parallels to the sound of Tim Hecker or Mount Kimbie, Larch do not shy away from discomfort, but rather embrace both the beautiful and disturbing.

The World is Dangerous; Go Outside explores the struggle for self-actualization in a decaying world. ‘A Mirror in Ultraviolence’ further investigates this theme, layering ominous sound bytes into spacious loops and chiming electronics. A strong narrative structure runs through the track, made even more apparent as light motifs eventually dissolve into chaotic, shadowy passages.

Speaking of the track Larch explains “‘A Mirror in Ultraviolence’ is a song about the interaction between beauty and decay. Using melody and tempo as our controls, we wanted to explore whether individuals find beauty in a single moment in time, or whether our understanding of beauty is better captured and understood through our experiences of decay.”

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