Producer Ka Fu’s track ‘Good and Grey’ remixed by wave pioneer Da Vosk Docta out now, listen here

Da Vosk Docta.jpg

Last Friday (Nov 15,2019), European wave producer Da Vosk Docta teamed up with electronic artist Ka Fu for a remix of ‘Good and Grey’ from Ka Fu’s album “Encoding: Master”. According to the bio, both artists draw from an interesting palette of sonic reference points. Ka Fu’s sound is inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode, while Da Vosk Docta cites influences as varied as J Dilla and Flume. The remix amalgamates the experience and talents of two individuals, while still drawing parallels to the sonic terrain of artists such as Øfdream, CHVRN, and DeadCrow.

While the original version shares various electronic influences and subtleties, this remix is direct with its vibe, exercising minimalist techniques in effort to drive the hook home.  Both trademarks are acknowledged with Ka Fu’s electronic atmospheric subtleties contained by focused bass lines evoking an aura that favors the side of melody without abandoning Da Vosk Docta’s brand of trilly rhythm.

Speaking of the track Ka Fu explains: “I’m always trying to build multidimensional scapes in my sound to activate all possible emotions. So for me to have Da Vosk Docta as the remixer is pure luck because he is able to create that feeling of total immersion – as if the sound is inside and around you, not just coming through your ears.”

Da Vosk Docta adds: “I took the main synths from original, recorded some deep Reese bass and added a few catchy chords.”

Listen to it below.  Its a nice head bouncing track to add to your collection.

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