KIDSØ shares single for ‘Father’ alongside a remix by Hior Chronik from upcoming album “Childhood” out next year

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Lending support for the new KIDSØ single ‘Father’ released December 6th via Springhoff. It’s a nice dance floor track to add if the theme is to move away from hard-hitting to more low key but moving music.  Read below info of the single from their press release and listen to both tracks below.

‘Father’ presents a lively electronic beat washed in hypnotic female vocals. Beginning with natural sounds filtering through the many-faceted veneers, the track develops into a pacey atmospheric journey. Still, the undeniable undertones of melancholy flicker in the peripheral, creating an interesting juxtaposition. ‘Father’ is one of those tracks that reveals something new with each listen, every layer polished and precise while at the same time indelibly emotional.

KIDSØ give some insight into the track: “Since we released our debut EP Apart, we tweaked quite a lot on our live set and equipment. Some of these tweaks affected our way of producing tracks for our upcoming LP. ‘Father’ is one of these tracks which emerged from playing and developing our live set this year. In the past month, we had to process some blows of fate and captured some of the feelings we had at that time in this song. ‘Father’ is a very melancholy but emotional song for both of us and we are very happy to announce it as the second single release of our LP Childhood.”

I’m also sharing the Hior Chronik remix, darker in its outlook, his remix steeped in suspense and ominous tones. While staying true to the driving nature of the original, ‘Father (Hior Remix)’ is a dramatic soundscape of electronic artistry.

Speaking of the remix Hior notes: “The remix was a nice way of getting know KIDSØ’s music, and even although I worked alone on this, I felt as though it was a collaboration. With respect and appreciation, I tried to build a rough minimalistic form of rhythm without jumping away from the original song. It’s so important to enjoy everything we do, and in the case of this remix, I really did.”

-includes contribution shared by press release