Listen to Tom Ashbrook’s atmospheric track ‘Not My Love (with Ruby Duff)’ from his EP “Sines” out now

Ruby resized.jpg

A couple of months ago, Liverpool-based Tom Ashbrook shared ‘Too Soon’ ahead of his EP “Sines” that was released Nov 29th via The Other Songs.  If you haven’t heard it yet,  it’s a nice drifting sway of classical and ambient electro pieces, along with a sweet palette of voices shifting from haunting to choral.   Before checking it out on your favorite music platform though, listen to the track below titled ‘Not My Love’ featuring vocals by Ruby Duff.

Speaking of their collaboration Ruby says: “The track is about acceptance and understanding there is a silver lining and a light at the end of the tunnel. The melody had been in my head for a really long time and I eventually voice noted it on my phone which is what I sent Tom. When I sing this song, I envision a small music box doll-like figure stood in a huge 60’s theatre singing to an audience of masked men. It’s the bittersweet reveal of an ending”

Tom Ashbrook explains: “‘Sines’ is a collection of pieces all outlining a turning point for myself and how we are all on a path that gets pulled and changed by different emotions and subconscious signs along the way. The relic design helps solidify those emotions and how they can be represented in an actual element or form.

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