Dream-pop / Indie-folk Duo teepee has released their latest single ‘Parallel World’ ahead of their upcoming album “Where the Ocean Breaks”

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Yesterday (Jan 10, 2020), dream-pop duo teepee release their latest single ‘Parallel World’ from their upcoming album “Where the Ocean Breaks” available 31 January 2020 via Springstoff.  Its combination of organic and electronic sounds with thoughtful lyrics along with its dancey vibe makes this a track worthy of support.  Listen below.

The following are excerpts from their press release.   teepee is the spellbinding collaboration between singer-acoustic guitarist Miroslav Patočka (Mason) and singer-electric guitarist Tereza Lavičková. The duo met in high school and began making waves on the Czech independent music scene in 2015. Tereza began playing classical guitar at age 6, and Mason played a host of different instruments before settling on the guitar. The duo have since released a debut album and an EP.

Inspired by acts like RY X, Nick Drake, Son Lux, and Sigur Rós, teepee’s sound is defined by intoxicating vocal harmonies, with Miroslav’s gentle acoustic guitar enhanced by fragile notes from Tereza’s electric guitar. Subtle samples and synthetic embellishments provide a bed for their melancholic, confessional English lyrics – with elements of their sound drawing parallels to the likes of Daughter, Bon Iver, and Aurora.

On ‘Parallel World’, an upbeat atmosphere is conjured by both the melody as well as the emotionally naked lyrics, while the naturalistic production deepens the track’s intimacy. Framed by an off-the-cuff dreamlike sensuality, the track speaks of inner peace and the path to self-contentment, delivered in a package of beautiful vocals and inspired instrumentals.

“Everyone is searching for happiness, but maybe we are looking for it in the wrong places. While living in India, I finally realized that happiness is rooted within ourselves. It’s not about how many things you have, or how successful you are. No one else can make you happy if you are not happy within yourself. This song is about the parallel world that exists in all of us, but we just have a hard time to find it in this toxic society,” says Tereza.

“For me, out of many other places, I found my parallel world in the ocean. While living in the Basque Country, I had the chance to go to the beach almost every day, sometimes learning to surf, or only to watch the waves. The place where the ocean breaks thus became very special for me – a place of peace and concentration,” adds Miroslav.

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