Electronic Producer Uppermost releases yet another new single titled ‘Night Walk’, with remixes by Azaleh, OBu and garcialucass


French producer Uppermost recently shared his new single ‘Night Walk’, alongside three remixes by Azaleh, OBu and garcialucass on 13 December via Uppwind Records.

This is apparently a different version than the YouTube upload five years ago.  With this version, the refinement is more distinct, with the beats lovingly merging with the longing electronic sounds than its original, and that makes it worth the feature and support.

As posted on his YouTube page Uppermost rhetorical comments, “How many years it’s been since the original “free download” version of this track… it was back in 2010 in a small room in my parents house, no expectation of a music career or anything like it, just a deep feeling that I had to stay true to myself and everything would come right. Today I understand how valuable that mindset was, forever grateful. And forever devoted to it”

Speaking of the track these days he adds,  “’Night Walk” is about the sounds I hear when wandering alone in the middle of the night. Streets are empty and cold, reflections of city lights on the cars contrast with the darkness that surrounds the sky. The echo of a mesmerizing, inspiring silence can be heard.’

Speaking of his remix OBu notes: “I wanted to add elements from techno music on the original mix to make it deeper and transcendent. The leading bass line is like a highway that ends at some point with percussive samples, and ambient pads riding on it. ”

Watch and/or listen below.

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