Synthwave Producer DEADLIFE remixes Swiss electro-pop artists Panaviscope’s ‘Kiss Yourself to Death’ – listen here

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Yesterday (January 14, 2020), synthwave producer DEADLIFE released a remix of Swiss electro-pop and visual artist Panaviscope’s single ‘Kiss Yourself to Death’, which was released early last year (Feb 2019) to successful Swiss airplay.  The remix converted its Supertramp inspired falsetto voices and space/aerial pop sounds into a wash of more colorful 80’s synths, kicking the track up a notch with a rhythmic drum beat. Panavasicope’s lyrics stay intact in the form of vocal cuts, bringing elements of the original track to the fore in a perfect balance between artistry and energy. Glowing with neon tint, ‘Kiss Yourself To Death (DEADLIFE Remix)’ is an exploration of sonic nostalgia.

And with that said a worthy feature and support from this blog.

“I heard the vocals and immediately knew what kind of remix I wanted to do. I wanted to basically make a fresh song with a DL touch. To be honest, it was a pleasure to mix and experiment with.” says DEADLIFE

Alex Duloz of Panaviscope commented on this song during its release, “‘What started as a quiet acoustic pop song turned into a producer’s tour de force. I’ve experimented so much with the pop paradigm for this tune that at one point “Kiss Yourself To Death” was both a metal song and a trap song. And, well, in the end, I managed to come back to the pop song that it was supposed to be when I started working on it.”

NewRetroWave has already shared and at this has garnered close to 20k views.  Watch it below.

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