Rev Rev Rev releases DIY video for ‘Adrift in the Chaosmos’ before the Eurosonic Festival

Italian shoegaze music artists Rev Rev Rev made a DIY video as they were readying for their Eurosonic Festival appearance on Jan 15th.  So it already happened.

It doesn’t mean it’s not worth sharing after the fact.  It’s from the album“Kykeon” on Fuzz Club.  ‘Adrift in the chaosmos’ is one of the more shoegazey, blurry tracks on the current album; but it also features cosmic wanderings and an odd spaghetti-western riff.   I’d also like too add how I like how it blasts into loopy noises of choral cascades, kind of unrelenting before transitioning to the minimal riffs explained.  The video pacing and imagery reflects it as well.

Watch below.

Rev Rev Rev 9 - by Salvatore Giorgio


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