Chill #66 features new music from Pia Fraus and Rev Rev Rev plus live DJ set from Wax and Wane event in Orlando


Lately, I’ve taken a different route than writing the normal blog and podcast shows.  Last fall (2019) I became part of a start-up event project called Wax and Wane.  In short, it’s another themed dance/listen/drank night with music you’d probably hear on some of the Chill episodes although not all(look at the flyer above).  There were many reasons but for one I always wanted to DJ and met some venue owners who would put up with me (and my partner).  I have side DJed two events for a friend’s acoustic night in the past, but never a full night.  How does this relate to this episode?  I’m sure you already know, but for those requiring the obvious, this episode features a recorded DJ set from Wax and Wane IV at Grumpy’s Underground Eatery and Lounge, a small bar on the Mills Ave strip in Orlando, FL.  I more than appreciate this and for February 2020 will have two events; one on Feb 9th and the other Feb 23rd.  If you’re visiting Orlando during those weekends, come visit Grumpy’s.

This episode also includes new music from Estonia dream poppers Pia Fraus, Italogaze darlings Rev Rev Rev and music from Inkarktrae, the duo of CURVE’s Dean Garcia and Mark Wallbridge a.k.a. Vasko the Pig.  Listen to the player below or visit This is Chill Mixcloud site.


the pop kids – pet shop boys
Midnight Rendez-Vous ft. French Fox – Das Mörtal 4:00
kiss yourself to death – panaviscope 7:20
Nightfall – dj ten 11:21
pink and blue – tycho(rac remix) – 15:08
no more hesitation – sorrow feat cyn 18:42
be this way – arms and sleepers feat steffaloo 22:40
perception – 0fdream 25:50
everlasting – gin$eng 30:00
queen of darkness – gvcci hvcci – 36:23
gettin hihi – da vosk docta – 38:25
Adrift in the chaosmos – rev rev rev– 40:35
sweet sunday snow – pia fraus 43:09
Ozeanblau – ambyion 47:00
huge moves – savage sister 50:30
saphirr bomb – inkraktare 55:00