Listen to the Esofact single ‘Yuri’ from self-titled debut EP out now on Chillage Records


Earlier this week, Complex debuted the single ‘Yuri’ from the west coast(USA) future bass duo of Esofact from their self-titled debut EP.  It’s out now (Jan 31, 2020) via Chillage Records .

From the article, “We’re extremely excited to share our debut EP with the world. We wanted this release to embody the feel-good future genre in a way that no one had quite approached it before.  Our compositions are intricate and we explore the idea of multiple key changes to communicate large story arcs. Between the use of synths and found sounds, along with relatively experimental compositions we are very proud of what this EP brings to the future beats/bass genre”.

With its wonky influenced dream laden loops, interplayed with rhythmic and cascading synth sounds and an unrelenting midtempo that takes very few breaks from the start, ‘Yuri’ is a textbook example of lovely atmosphere and head-nodding gestures, more examples that anything related to bass doesn’t necessarily have to equate to absolute testosterone.

Listen to the track below and click the Esofact link about a feature written about them a couple of weeks ago.  Click the EP link on where else to listen or download.

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