Da Vosk Docta and “Lo-Fi is the Unwanted Bastard Child Of Jazz” is out now – listen to the single ‘Dirty Angel’ here

R_Rogalski_D2 (106).JPG
Da Vosk Docta by R Rogalski

Poland based producer Da Vosk Docta introduces his romance with Lo-Fi with his fourth album “Lo-Fi is the Unwanted Bastard Child of Jazz”, out last month (Jan 24, 2020).  It’s the follow up to his 2019 release “Prototype” and it appears to be a trend toward one full album a year for the electronic artist, who has oscillated in the electronic spectrum from trap and witch house stylings to lighter more melodic sounds with the newest album continuing this path.  Plus he’s also remixing other artists such as Ka Fu.

Considering this statement shared on his Facebook page after the release of “303k”, you’d never know it.

“I’ve been fighting with anxiety disorders for years, pushing everything to the limits. Changing lifestyle, quitting all bad addictions, working everyday on music, on my body and mind. That works so far. since 2012 i’ve done things that looked impossible, fighting all the time with fear and my distorted soul and mind, fixing myself step by step. The mental health problems returned in 2018 just after releasing “303K”. This is the reason why my 3rd album will be way more darker than others. Of course it contains variety of different sonic craft and moods, but overall it’s way more cloudy, darker and heavy. Right now i feel better and i think future looks very bright. At least, paraphrasing Kanye West, it’s my superpower to be more creative than other people.”

Listen to ‘Dirty Angel’ below.