Copenhagen-based producer Rome in Reverse shares new single ‘ORACOLO’ available for release March 6th from Telavivi Records

Image: Stefano Borsini © 2019

Last Friday (2/7/2020), Antonella Pacifico, aka Rome in Reverse, debuted the new single ‘ORACOLO’  on tmrw.  Click the link for more on the debut.  ‘Oracolo’ was written and produced by Pacifico with Victor Ferreira, aka Sun Glitters, handling the mixing and mastering. The dreamy soundscapes and vibes of Rome in Reverse caught the attention of Sun Glitters, the Luxembourg-based producer, and co-founder of Future Archive Recordings (FAR), resulting in ongoing collaborations between the two artists. Sun Glitters directed the music video for ‘We’ve Been Here’, the title track of her 2019 album released by Future Archive Rec., which premiered on Magnetic Magazine.

Reflecting on the single, Rome in Reverse says: “Loops are my passion, especially the ones I have created with my voice. I feel that this track ‘Oracolo’ is a new standard of defining my sound, a ray of light which runs through me bouncing on other people and fading into the most beautiful place in the world.”

In support of the single, it’s pretty difficult for me to dislike any collaboration involving Victor Ferreira.  When Sun Glitters is extending 90s influences of Brian Eno remixed Slowdive and Bowery Electric, the combination of off-kilter beats and wonky samples seems like a natural, where most other comparable producers while not certainly horrible – actually decent for the most part – feel bastardized or revivalist.  In collaborating with Rome in Reverse, Antonella Pacifico’s penchant for the ambient techno influence (comparable to the Field in press releases) feels blissfully synthetic and this track is no exception.  Anyone that doesn’t associate visceral with aggression will enjoy this track, moving your body while absorbing the warm and echoing atmosphere.

Listen to the track below.  It’s available March 6th from Telavivi Records.

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