Dream pop duo The Day cover Lemonheads/Smudge song ‘Tenderfoot’ – watch the video here


European dream pop duo The Day (Laura Loeters and Hamburg based Gregor Sonnenberg) is an up and coming band that has released two EPs and one album titled  “Midnight Parade” in 2019.  They recently released a cover of  The Lemonheads / Smudge track ‘Tenderfoot’ along with a companion video for it.  With its bright jangly guitar riffs and female-led vocals that effectively borderline on chilly, the cover is worthy of a listen or two.

“Tenderfoot is a song I listened to a lot when I was 11 years old after I heard my father play it in the car,” recalls The Day guitar player Gregor Sonnenberg. “I rediscovered it when I heard Evan Dando play it at Molotow in Hamburg in early 2019. I always liked its simple short form both musically and lyrically composed nearly like a list of someone taking stock, regaining after a previous letdown.”

As for their own approach to the song, he continues: “Being a fan of the song of course, I also loved Dando’s wild careless performance of it, but recently I also got the feeling that the song has a certain soft melodic quality to it that has not been recorded yet. That’s why I played it with Laura and luckily she really liked it, too. Later when it came to recording, everything fell into place very easily and we used all four first takes of Laura’s vocals at the same time. And I still am really happy hearing her interpretation as I feel it adds a new perspective to the song both the music and the lyrics.”

As for the making of the video, “…….we tried to keep it as simple and DIY as possible with only the two of us in front and behind the camera shooting and doing the editing.
We revisited some of the abandoned urban spaces you could see in other clips of ours before. We shot on a cheap camcorder this time, but flipped it upright like a mobile phone. Looking at the footage later, we really loved the results and you could probably call this a true “modern retro” way of shooting.”

Watch the video below and click the ‘Tenderfoot’ link to stream or download.

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