Grace Gillespie releases tart and tangy new single ‘Goodbye’ – listen to it here

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A week ago (March 5, 2020), Atwood Magazine debuted singer-songwriter Grace Gillespie’s new track ‘Goodbye’.  Click the link for more on the music artist’s follow-up to her 2019 EP “Pretending”.

Or you can listen to the new single here.

Comments Gillespie, “Goodbye” is a song about relinquishing music and giving up the dream, written at a time of much uncertainty and worry about what would become of my songs. Its lyrics mark the realization that it will never really be all over. The music wants to be alive and free.”

This is Gillespie’s first collaboration with engineer and producer Oliver Baldwin.

You may find yourself amazed by ‘Goodbyes’ bittersweet and melancholy hook.  Listen below.

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