LA psych-rockers Gateway Drugs releases new album “PSA” out now on Future Shock Records – watch the video for ‘I’m Always Around’

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Photo Credit: Ryan Nolan

Over the weekend (May 8, 2020), LA psych-rockers Gateway Drugs released their long-awaited second album “PSA”.   It’s their first since their 2015 debut LP ‘Magick Spells’.   In an exclusive interview, the band tells Foxes Mag that “PSA” is much more intimate and raw than our first album. All of the songs were recorded live for the most part.”

They also raved about working with Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes producing the LP,  “It was an amazing element in itself to be able to work with someone we look up to musically. The songwriting process was direct and quick, it took about 12 days to record the album in full. We were lucky to be able to record in Josh Hommes Pink Duck Studio which is like a little time capsule in the SFV”.

Click the Foxes Mag link for more details.

PSA” continues where they left off with psych-rock and shoegaze influences abound.  One of the more interesting titles of the new album is ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’, a reference to Gil Scott-Heron and a good track itself, starting off loosely with the lone beat of drums emerging into the bass/drum backbone before the noise kicks in, but not necessarily as the vocals resonate coolly over the settled combination of psych riffs and synths before showing signs of liftoff then fading out into the unknown.

‘I’m Always Around’ is also cool song and the hook is the proof.   It’s also the third video from the new album.  Watch below.

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