About This is Chill and The Daily Chill

This began in the early 2010s not as a blog covering music, but as a sparsely updated music podcast focused on chill related music from ambient to downtempo to chillwave to shoegaze and other subgenres related to it.  It was shared on various music platforms before deciding on Mixcloud.com.  Around 2017, this site was created as a blog to promote Chill # episodes on Mixcloud.  It has since been more active as of late with music news, reviews and features with festival and concert coverage related to chill music or anything fit to share.

Need to ask a question that isn’t shared here?  Submit press coverage for your artist?  Visit the contact page.  If you’re not familiar with chill music visit the wikipedia page.  While there’s a soft spot for experimental stuff, anything too far from the umbrella (for example sneaking in a too radio friendly song for example) won’t be considered for future shows.