News – Watch new Christian Löffler video ‘Ry’ from new album “Graal (Prologue)” out April 5th – also additional tour dates

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Last Friday March 22nd (2019), deep-house producer Christian Löffler released another single a couple of days before his April 5th new album “Graal (Prologue)”.   Click the album link which briefly discusses his history and announcement of his hew album.

As the opening track to Graal (Prologue), the single ‘Ry’ is expectant to serve as the masterful introduction of what’s to follow.

Christian Löffler adds, “‘Ry’ is the most important song on Graal (Prologue) for me. It was the breakthrough after a phase without making music. This track made this album possible. After devoting myself to painting, ‘Ry’ inspired me to create new music.”

And with that the undertaking of the built-up creative frustration that saw the birth of this album, Christian Löffler ingeniously allows a release as serene string sections and euphoric percussion begin to drown out the strained, almost industrial style of production while still maintaining a perfect balance between the two as each of these halves allow the other to coexist. In the music video, a bodycam is placed on a runner as the viewer follows him running through various locations; from city streets to snowy mountains, cactus-filled deserts, grassy hills and sandy beaches. Looping is suggested as the video ends with the same shot it opens with.

Watch the video below for possibly a limited time only.  Or click this youtube link for ‘Ry” at any time.

“Graal(Prologue)” will be available April 5th on Ki Records.


Additional tour dates have been added below.

04.04.2019 Poznan (PL), Tama

05.04.2019 Warschau (PL), Niebo

06.04.2019 Paris (FR), Pavillon Cambon

10.04.2019 Brüssel (BE), Botanique

11.04.2019 Berlin (DE), Columbia Theater

12.04.2019 Wien (AT), WUK

13.04.2019 London (UK), Printworks

17.04.2019 Kopenhagen (DK), Vega Jr.

19.04.2019 Granada (ES), Sun & Snow Festival

26.04.2019 Brno (CZ), Vibe Club

27.04.2019 Mönchen Gladbach (DE), Kulturkirche

10.05. Zorlu PAC Jazz Festival, Istanbul

25.05. Athen (GR), Add Festival

31.05. München (DE), PULS Open Air

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News – Moogfest 2019 – Third Wave of talent announced


Rotterdam shoegaze noise act Death By Audio, former Polvo/Helium member and now singer/ songwriter Ash Bowie and Mute Records Daniel Miller were amongst the third wave of announced talent on Friday March 22 (2019) to Moogfest 2019.  Also local favorites Party Illegal and Raund Haus return, the latter of which – in my opinion – was one of the highlights of Moogfest 2018.

Tickets are available for Moogfest 2019 – April 25th to April 28th in Downtown Durham, NC.


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News – Austin ambient music artist Massergy releases new full album “Fire Opal”


Few announcements of new releases compare to those from Austin TX based ambient music artist Massergy.  Prior to its introduction, in explaining the Fire Opal – a richly red-orange colored stone in Mexican folklore that is believed to have been created in the heavens, and imbued with mystical powers of healing and protection. Massergy’s “FIRE OPAL”, seemingly transforms that myth into music, a sonic blending of his analog recordings and the great outdoors; and with that, the new album was released March 22nd (2019) on the Portland, OR-based record label Spotted Peccary Music.

It is his first release on the label and apparently his first new full release in almost four years.

According to Massergy (aka Eric Jensen),the new release was “inspired by a Mexican ceremony called “Velada” – a psychedelic healing ritual performed by Mazatec Indian doctors and healers referred to as “curanderas.” The purpose of a Velada is to break the boundaries of our perception in order to commune with gods, spirits and divine beings, and reveal profound visions, to ultimately achieve healing and knowledge.”

Born in Chicago, and now based in Austin, Texas, Jensen is a self-taught composer of ambient soundscapes who creates records and mixes music entirely outdoors in his open-aired studio located within a nature preserve using only analog hardware, including keyboards, and guitars. Recording “Fire Opal” was no exception.

“My ‘studio’ is a small elevated balcony in the middle of a nature preserve, essentially my backyard” Jensen explains. “The preserve is home to several coyotes, owls, deer and other creatures. Think 2 a.m. with a huge sky full of stars, eerie moonlight, and the sounds of strange creatures. I can see my own breath, there’s a light mist in the air, it’s very sleepy; that’s the kind of atmosphere where my magical moments often occur.”

Click the video link above for the unboxing and visit the Spotted Peccary Music site to purchase or listen to the new release from Massergy.

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Watch ‘Moyashi Kids’ single from Japanese experimental artist Foodman – “ODOODO EP” to be released March 29th

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Upcoming March 29th, Japanese experimental electronic artist Foodman will be releasing his newest EP titled “ODOODO”.  His last recording was the full album “Aru Otoko No Densetsu” from 2018. Since his early 2010s beginnings, his take on rhythmic ambient, trap, slow-tempo house, dub, and more…mixed with his juke and footwork experimentations have garnered rave reviews and the attention of the Mad Decent label who will be releasing this EP.

According to the bio, Foodman, real name Takahide Higuchi, created “ODOODO” from ideas that came to him in his everyday life while walking, having bath at sento (Japanese public baths), eating lunch, and so on.  He also brought his laptop everywhere, producing the EP away from the confines of a studio and emphasizing on the organic atmospheres.

In addition, while the Japanese word “odoodo” (pronounced “oh-doh-oh-doh,” meaning “unconfident, nervous”) is an onomatopoeia to describe someone acting intimidated, timid or anxious, Foodman chose the title not for its lexiconal meaning, but because he found it curious how when written in capitalized English, it has the appearance of a string of circles and semi-circles.

Joe Bastardo is responsible for the playful cover art, a vaguely architectural structure that evokes some kind of dancing alien monolith that makes sense even when inverted.

Instead of reading about Foodman (especially if already you know about him), how about click on the link for the new single below.

Foodman’s new EP “ODOODO” will be available March 29 on the Mad Decent label.
Pre-orders are also being taken for the cassette release.

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News – Salami Rose Joe Louis signs to Brainfeeder and releases new single ‘Nostalgic Montage’ – listen to it here

Also in the midst of a brief March European tour supporting The Cinematic Orchestra

Tour dates:
(Supporting The Cinematic Orchestra)

16 Mar  Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL
18 Mar  Casino de Paris, Paris, FR
25 Mar  Vicar Street, Dublin, IE
26 Mar  Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, UK
27 Mar  Sage Gateshead, Newcastle, UK
29 Mar  O2 Institute, Birmingham, UK
30 Mar  Manchester Academy, Manchester, UK

Salami Rose Joe Louis, the San Francisco Bay Area musician, composer and producer, has recently signed (early March) to the Brainfeeder label, the LA based founded by Steven Ellison (aka Flying Lotus). Her brand of chill and lounge atmospherics and songwriting will be a good fit for the label who has more than own share and history of it.  She has been in the Bay Area and its surrounding areas throughout the past decade as part of the Hot Record Societe label.  Apparently this led to an opening spot for Toro Y Moi on the California leg of his tour in late 2018.

Moving into 2019, she signed with Brainfeeder in March and released the new single ‘Nostalgic Montage’  which you can watch above.  Afterwards, she seemingly immediately headed off for a brief March European tour opening for veteran UK based The Cinematic Orchestra.  See the dates above.

“This is truly a dream come true on every level,” says Salami Rose Joe Louis (speaking to the Brainfeeder site). “Many of the artists on Brainfeeder have been my musical heroes for years and to join a collective comprising of such visionaries is an ultimate fantasy. I greatly admire the fearlessness and creative integrity of the artists on Brainfeeder: they are willing to take risks, ask important questions, and let their freakiness shine through, which to me is paramount and inspires a generation to challenge the script.”

‘Nostalgic Montage’ is a sneak peak into a multidimensional cast of characters she has created for her upcoming album. “I hope it resonates with existential questions about home, identity, future, and self awareness,” she says.  In addition, Salami’s music may remind listeners of the eccentric spirit of Shuggie Otis, Captain Beefheart and Stereolab at their most whimsical, fused with the hazy Californian sunshine. “I remember the first time listening to George Clinton as a kid,” she recalls. “It was as if a portal to a new dimension of existence opened up. If in my career, I can even come a tiny bit close to opening up dimensions for listeners, I will be a happy human!”

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Listen to new single ‘Opium’ by Indie-electronic artist Tim Aminov – “Opium” EP will be available April 11th

tim aminov

Update – EP release was actually April 11th. That said, available now.

Moscow based music producer and composer Tim Aminov, fresh off the success of his 2018 video releases – including the Festival London Short Series nominated ‘ORPHEUS (FEAT. CÉDRIC GASAÏDA)’ and critically acclaimed ‘VENENO’ – recently released his newest single ‘Opium’ on March 14th. Listen to it below.

If you’re familiarity of him is limited to the tracks listed above and his music soundtracks like the First – soon to be available on Netflix – fans of Yves Tumor, Gaika, Amnesia Scanner, and James Blake should take note that he’s influenced by all listed. In addition according to his bio, his new solo material could be best described as a blend of electronica, RnB and Neo-Soul with definitive Trip-Hop and Chill tones, delving deep into a rich, atmospheric and textural focus…comparable to similarly like-minded artists such as Jordan Rakei, Corbin or River Tiber.

Expect melancholic keys at the start of the self-produced title-track of his upcoming EP before Tim’s sombre voice fills the void over atmospheric effects. Soon after, a bass-heavy trap-like beat is introduced as the hook of the song hits and the dark tone of the track is filled with atmospheric synthesizers, creating a layered production that oozes with Tim’s signature minimal, yet intricate soundscapes.

When asked about the EP he comments, “This release was written under the influence of a difficult situation in Russia. We live in a very aggressive political mood and this mainly concerns ordinary people in our country.”

Tim Aminov’s EP “Opium” will be available March 28th  April 11th…out now.

“Traveling bedroom producer” Sofia Kourtesis releases self-titled debut

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Photo Credit: Katja Ruge

Fresh from her 2018 debut on her label’s compilation Studio Barnhus Volym 1, music producer Sofia Kourtesis released her self-titled EP earlier this month (March 1st).  It has already received good reviews from Pitchfork  and Gorilla vs Bear.

According to the bio,  the self described “traveling bedroom producer” started the process of writing her solo debut with a journey into the Amazon jungle. Stops were also made in front of a dusty Juno-106 in her Berlin bedroom and at a mysterious Tokyo flea-market. While a bit fuzzy on the details, pretty much expect a recording packed with the kind of raw energy and runaway imagination only a really strong debut release could possess.

As of now, US tour appearances are to be announced soon.

Listen to one of her tracks below, uploaded by Studio Barnhus.


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With Loci Showcase Tour 2019 underway Emancipator and 9 Theory collaborate for upcoming EP; check out new single

loci showcase

With the Loci Showcase Tour underway (as of  March 7)in the Northeast part of the states (USA), downtempo artists Emancipator (Doug Appling) and 9 Theory (Gabe Lehner) have teamed up for an upcoming new EP titled “Cheeba Gold”, out March 22 on Emancipator’s Loci Records imprint. The lead single ‘Chameleon’ is described as a three-part journey that captures the spirit of the entire EP, mainly due to the song containing different chapters that are all based on the same groove. “The title might have something to do with the idea of shapeshifting surface forms as well as a nod to that magnificently mysterious old world lizard,” says Appling.

Lehner adds, “Somehow while all three sections sound nothing like each other, they all fit together as one song perfectly. This kind of became a theme of the EP, having 2-3 completely different sections with the same track.”

‘Cheeba Gold’, which takes its name from a brand of hot sauce and came together in four days, is the first collaboration between the two artists who originally met in 2011.“Gabe and I share a lot of musical common ground in the realm of instrumental beats. We have similar influences and intuition so it was easy to develop the sound.” says Appling.

Speaking of similar influences, their mini-bios are listed below.

9 Theory is the solo music project of the eclectic LA-based singer/songwriter, beat-maker, remixer, and producer, Gabe Lehner.  With a passion for making music bordering on obsession, and a love and appreciation for all genres, 9 Theory fuses together phat beats, catchy melodies, beautiful sonic textures, and creative soundscapes around a foundation that blends electronic, hip-hop, and indie rock into a fresh sound.”

While the bio of Emancipator’s describes “A sleeping giant of the electronic music world, Douglas Appling – more commonly known as Emancipator – has quietly established himself as a mainstay in the electronic music scene since the release of his debut album, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough in 2006. Classically-trained as a violinist from an early age, Appling’s organic approach to electronic music production draws inspiration from a wide range of international cultures and musical genres, culminating in a refreshingly authentic brand of electronic music that has infiltrated global consciousness.”

That said, while drawing inspiration from genres as diverse as hip-hop, jazz, indie-rock, electronica, and classical music as well as from global cultures, in short don’t expect a release thats exactly like 9 Theory or Emancipator.

“I remember making a comment at one point about how this stuff wasn’t sounding quite like 9 Theory or Emancipator music,” Lehner says. “Doug came back with the perfect quote to sum it up, saying, ‘it’s like a venn diagram.’”

Writing this after they played in Boston, audiences will have a chance to experience Appling and Lehner’s meeting of the minds and the resulting new music live when Emancipator and 9 Theory head out on the Loci Records Showcase tour in March and April with label mates Marley Carroll, Edamame, Frameworks, and Lapa.  If you’re in the Southeast (where i’m located at), they’ll be making a stop at Terminal West in Atlanta.

Listen to the single below.  It was also previously debuted on the This Song is Sick site.  Tour info also listed below.

*both Emancipator & 9 Theory will be on all of these dates
3/7 | Boston MA | Brighton Music Hall
3/9 | New York NY | Bowery Ballroom
3/28 | Atlanta GA | Terminal West
3/30 | Chicago IL | Chop Shop
4/12 | Los Angeles CA | The Roxy
4/13 | San Francisco CA | Great American Music Hall
4/26 | Portland OR | Star Theater
4/27 | Seattle WA | The Crocodile

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News – Moogfest 2019 update – Mount Kimbie leads second wave of talent announced



Moogfest is different than your typical run of the mill manufactured feeling festival. In addition to featuring music artists from around the world, its a full blown collection of performances, discussions, workshops and newsworthy experiences.  Its also relatively accessible and comfortable. Many of the venues are in structures where weather isn’t an issue. Moogfest’s reputation is that its more than just an entertaining party. It’s a collection of events ranging from conversations of music history and politics to technology – a screenshot of the past, present and a blueprint for the future.  This year is no different.

Mount Kimbie headlined the second wave of talent announcements for Moogfest’s 15th anniversary earlier today (March 8th) to be held in Downtown Durham, NC April 25th to 28th. Expect an unpredictable and adventurous DJ set from the post-punk electronic outfit, plus electronic composer and techno producer Max Cooper who will be presenting his acclaimed A/V set. Being more than just a music festival, this wave of features a cornucopia of talent ranging from experimental music to technology to political film.

At what the event organizers call ‘the intersection of creativity and activism’, additions to the daytime lineup promises more intellectually stimulating programs as well. Jason Leopold, Senior Investigative Reporter at Buzzfeed will be hosting a daytime conversation on how he earned the moniker “FOIA Terrorist” (due to his relentless use of the Freedom of Information Act) and seeking truth that doesn’t want to be found.

Author Kim Bjorn, joined by Ty Roberts, inventor of David Bowie’s Verbasizer will be co-hosting a workshop about the interactions between people and machines. Filmmaker  Astra Taylor will be hosting a workshop about the intersection of creativity and activism, and there will also be a viewing of her film “What is Democracy?“. Dr. Tiffany Naiman, Stanford fellow and composer/musicologist, will be presenting a talk on the connections between humanity and technology.

Dorit Chrysler, cofounder of the New York Theremin Society is returning for the anniversary to teach a theremin workshop. Other workshops include how to visualize sound with code, the basics of WebVR, how to program your own FM synthesizer in Pure Data, and more, sponsored by Bell Labs, Delta Labs, and NCSU Libraries.

Some Moogfest artists will complement their Future Sound nighttime performances by leading Future Thought workshops, a format built from previous years. These Future Sounds performers include Cage-inspired pianist Kelly Moran, and Chicago footwork originator RP Boo. Returning to Moogfest is Jlin, with her dance score Autobiography, in what she says is her most complex work yet. DJ of Berlin’s notoriously restrictive Panorama Bar and Berghain,  nd_baumecker will be performing, and Discwoman member and techno experimentalist Bergsonist will be performing a set using her sounds to explore psychological dimensions.

Other confirmed daytime and nighttime participants include:

  • Eli Keszler- experimental percussionist and diverse sound artist
  • Faten Kanaan- organic loops composer
  • Spellling –  Afrofuturist and dreamwork-inspired soul musician
  • Airspace– hyper-ambient act with visual designers Black Box Echo who have created visuals for Bicep, Squarepusher, and Scuba.
  • Yoshi Vintage– ascendant genre-blurring indie rapper
  • DJ Brooklyn English- Lot Radio regular
  • Modular on the Spot- founders of the synthesizer picnic
  • TRIPLE X SNAXXX and UltraBillions- vintage synth acts
  • The Floor-  house and techno collective
  • Greg Fox-  interdisciplinary percussionist (who will also host a conversation on sensory percussion.)

-source courtesy of and shared by press release, contributions made by Ray DeSpinlema


Rev Rev Rev releases new single ‘Clutching the Blade’ with Fuzz Club; 2019 SXSW showcase is next week


Italian shoegaze and psych band Rev Rev Rev has a new label for their next full release. London based Fuzz Club will release their 3rd new album “Kykeon” later this year.  Until then, they just released the first single “Clutching the Blade” from the upcoming new album today.  Check out the Rev Rev Rev Bandcamp link below.   Its also available on Spotify.

In discussing the new single the band comments, “’Clutching The Blade’ is a good snapshot of our sonic virulence. Among the new songs, it’s the one that truly conveys the energy of our live show, whilst keeping a mechanic feel that contributes to the ominous atmosphere. The song itself is about being trapped in the quicksand of a certain situation, or what can feel like destiny, and the appalling feeling that the more you struggle, the faster you sink.”



Catching up with Italogaze is a good article to read for more info about Rev Rev Rev.  Chill #44 – Catching up with Italogaze is a companion podcast episode featuring Rev Rev Rev and other italogaze artists.  This is Chill#/The Daily Chill also spoke to them late last year when they announced their entry (and first US tour appearance) into the 2019 SXSW Festival showcase.

Speaking of which, the details of their concert appearances at 2019 South by Southwest Festival are listed below. Fellow #italogaze artists Be Forest will be playing at some of the same showcases too.

SXSW shows schedule runs as follows:
Mar 13 – 5.15-5.45 pm Spider House (Fb event)
Mar 13 – 11.00-11.40 pm The Velveeta Room (Fb event)
Mar 14 – 3.05-3.25 pm The Catherine (Fb event)
Mar 15 – 4.00-4.30 pm (tbc) Kitty Cohen’s (Fb event)
Mar 15 –  10.45-11.25 pm 720 Club Patio
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– photos of Rev Rev Rev by Dario_Vinazzani

Italian shoegaze/post punk act Be Forest set for US tour in support of their newest release “Knocturne”

Be Forest - Knocturne album art

Now that Italian shoegaze/post-punk trio Be Forest have released their long-awaited new album “Knocturne” through the Italian-American label collective We Were Never Being Boring (on February 8th), the band is ready to follow up on a prior announced tour to America in a few days – this Friday actually (March 8th). They’ll start at the New Colossus Festival in Brooklyn before spending four days at SXSW 2019 in Austin, TX (where they’ll be playing at some of the same showcases as fellow Italogaze artist Rev Rev Rev), before touring the rest of the country before apparently closing out back in Brooklyn.  In between, they’ll also be at the Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID.  See the dates below for more details.

If you’re not familiar with Be Forest, my initial reaction to them was written on my Catching up with Italogaze write up from last year.  I described it as “music that relies on the aesthetics of futuristic preservation”, which happened to be my impression of “Earthbeat” at the time.  They are a three-piece band from Pesaro, Italy formed in 2010 consisting of: Costanza Delle Rose (bass, vocals), Erica Terenzi (drums, guitar, vocals) and Nicola Lampredi (drums, guitars).  With prior releases (“Cold” and “Earthbeat”), they have oscillated from post punk to dreamy ethereal and shoegaze sprinkled with driven tribal vibes and longing melancholic verses.  With their newest release “Knocturne”, Be Forest describes the new release as a response to the sentiments of today’s times of tyranny, sadness and confusion, an evocative album that retreats toward imaginative universes of infinite midnight feels.   From the grand curtain rising of “Atto I” to the fantasia free-fall finale of “You, Nothing,” the trio takes the listener upward to solemn, celestial places of endless sky as well as plunging them into the abyss depths of infinitude that defy conventional adjectives and descriptions.

In addition, Be Forest enlisted Steve Scanu to assist with production and mixing duties and mastering came courtesy of Josh Bonati (Mac DeMarco, Zola Jesus, David Lynch).

And the reviews have lined up with positively.
The Line of Best Fit calls it”…a pensive yet menacing slice of goth…” and “…gorgeous, ethereal and moody “Bengala” that has some serious Slowdive vibes.” – BrooklynVegan

The movement from the seemingly stable “Earthbeat” to the unknown darkness of “Knocturne” is not uncharted at all, as if the appreciation of our planet, what we have been lucky to experience, is feeling the long dark foreshadowing of what others have experienced all along.  With the atmosphere emerging into coldness and the beats drumming primitively into darkness, a line is established crystal clear and it separates from nothingness and yet with “Knocturne” an impressive attempt is in display from crossing into the path of abyss where break down is imminent.  The song ‘K’ and ‘Sigfrido” emphasizes this best, icy sounding guitars and life incentive patterns.  If you want to further speculate on an artist based on their newest release, give Be Forest and especially this release a chance. In my mini review, i have this slightly obsessive theory to myself that this could be significant in hindsight, maybe moreso than the current climate of Italogaze but the reason is unclear.

Check out the video below.   “Knocturne” is available for sale and on all music services.


Upcoming Be Forest Tour Dates

3/08 – New York, NY – Pianos (The New Colossus Festival)
3/09 – New York, NY – Coney Island Baby (The New Colossus Festival)
3/12 – Austin, TX – Barracuda (Part Time Punks SXSW Showcase)
3/13 – Austin, TX – The Velveeta Room (WWNBB SXSW Showcase)
3/14 – Austin, TX – The Catherine
3/16 – Austin, TX – (WWNBB’s 10th Anniversary Boat Party)
3/17 – St Louis, MO – Gaslight
3/18 – Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club #
3/19 – Chicago, IL – The Empty Bottle #
3/20 – Minneapolis, MN – Kitty Kat Club
3/22 – Denver, CO – 7th Circle Music Collective
3/23 – Boise, ID – Treefort Music Fest
3/27 – Seattle, WA – Lo Fi Performance Gallery
3/29 – Oakland, CA – Starline Social Club
3/30 – San Diego, CA – Tower Bar
3/31 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echoplex
4/03 – Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere

# – with Lightfoils

+ more to be announced!

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NEWS – Avey Tare shares new single before March 22nd new album along with North American tour

Dave Portner of Animal Collective and his project Avey Tare released a new single today titled “Taken Boy”.  Check it out above or at the Animal Collective youtube page. The single is from the upcoming new release “Cows On Hourglass Pond” available March 22nd.  According to the bio, it was the upcoming album was captured during sessions between January – March 2018 by Dave Portner at Laughing Gas studio in Asheville, NC.  For those curious, “Cows On Hourglass Pond” was recorded on a Tascam 48 half-inch reel-to-reel tape machine.

The album was mixed by Adam McDaniel and Dave Portner at drop of sun in Asheville, NC.

Also check out the prior video “Saturdays (Again)” uploaded to youtube in late Jan.


For those unaware, Avey Tare will be touring right around the time of albums release starting March 21st at the Big Ears Festival in Nashville.  Some of the shows are already sold out.  See the tour dates below.


Avey Tare Tour Dates

3-21 – Knoxville, TX – Big Ears Festival

3-28 – Asheville, NC – The Mothlight

3-29 – Baltimore, MD – Ottobar

3-30 – Philadelphia, PA – PhilaMOCA SOLD OUT

4-1 – Brooklyn, NY – Market Hotel

4-2 – Burlington, VT – ArtsRiot

4-4 – Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern

4-5 – Detroit, MI – Deluxx Fluxx

4-6 – Chicago, IL – Co Prosperity Sphere SOLD OUT

4-7 – St. Paul, MN – Amsterdam Bar & Grill

4-1 – Seattle, WA – Neumos

4-12 – Portland, OR – Holocene

4-13 – Arcata, CA – The Miniplex in Richard’s Goat Tavern & Tearoom

4-15 – San Francisco, CA – The Chapel

4-16 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo

4-17 – Tucson, AZ – 191 Toole

4-19 – Dallas, TX – Club Dada

4-20 – Austin, TX – Antone’s Nightclub

4-22 – New Orleans, LA – Gasa Gasa

4-23 – Tallahassee, FL – The Wilbury

4-24 – Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub

4-25 – Tampa, FL – The Crowbar


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News – Moogfest 2019 announces phase one of their line up

unnamed (8)

This morning (Feb 21, 2019), Moogfest 2019 announced phase one line up of their 15th anniversary festival to be held in Durham, NC April 25th to April 28th. Among listed are  music artists Matthew Dear, A Place to Bury Strangers, Ouri and Tim Hecker and The Konoyo Ensemble.

Last year REM frontman Michael Stipe headed the intimate conversation and daytime slate.  I even walked by him once or twice during Wes Borland’s set of the four hour durational performances.  This year its Martin Gore – chief songwriter for New Wave legends Depeche Mode. Gore has helped define a genre while driving the darker precepts of dance music from the ‘80s onward. This year, he heads up Moogfest’s daytime slate with an intimate conversation in the Carolina Theatre.

Also this year, Moogfest announced the annual sleep concert will be performed by composer William Basinski.  In mentioning his “iconic tape recordings “The Disintegration Loops” “, expect his Moogfest appearance to be even more ephemeral, the dream guide for participants in a one of a kind performance, authoring sounds to shepherd them through a full night’s sleep cycle.

According to Moogfest, in the coming weeks they’ll be announcing more artists, the 2019 Keynote, free events and local talent, details of the Engineer Workshop, the full lineup of daytime presenters and workshops, and so much more.

Until then here’s some related past Moogfest articles.

Moogfest 2018 in Review –
and the republished version –

Chill #40 featuring music from Moogfest 2018 –

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Best Performances from Zola Jesus and Colleen –

source of news courtesy of press release, other contributions from Ray DeSpinlema

Julia Holter news – new video and live tour dates

unnamed (5)
“Les Jeux To You” video still

Check out Julia Holter‘s latest video ‘Les Jeux To You” from her current album “Aviary”. According to Holter, “it’s about a seeking for compassion and humility in a world where it feels like empathy is always being tested.” 

Directed by Geneva Jacuzzi, Geneva said of the process: 

“After I heard ‘Les Jeux to You,’ images from Fando Y Lis, a film that has always haunted me, flooded my mind and I knew we had to reimagine it. Set in a dystopian future past, the two lovers escape to a mythical city and along the way are confronted with both terrifying figures of the unconscious and joyful memories of the past that accelerate a descent into madness. As a female artist, I felt the need to explore the anima of this myth and reinscribe the imagery as a mode of empowerment of the feminine directorial gaze.

I knew it would be a challenge because it is a controversial film, but it was particularly unsettling to read the recent allegations against its director Alejandro Jodorowsky shortly after we made the video. It made me think more about the project and ultimately reinforced my original intention of reframing the work as a complex and nuanced take on the psychology of self-destructive relationships.

There is a mysterious essence to this story, a sort of psycho-spiritual unravelling that I connect to the surrealist poetry of Julia’s lyrics and music.”


She also stars her North American tour with the 6-piece Aviary band. Additionally she has announced new live dates for UK and Europe including Primavera, Field Day and Roskilde festivals including headline shows.

Upcoming live dates

Feb 19 – U Street Music Hall, Washington DC Tickets *

Feb 20 – Underground Arts, Philadelphia Tickets *

Feb 22 – Warsaw, New York Tickets *

Feb 23 – Brighton Music Hall, Boston Tickets *

Feb 24 – La Sala Rossa, Montreal Tickets *

Feb 26 – The Great Hall, Toronto Tickets *

Feb 27 – El Club, Detroit Tickets *

Feb 28 – Thalia Hall, Chicago Tickets *

Mar 1 – Turf Club, St. Paul Tickets *

Mar 4 – Imperial, Vancouver Tickets ^

Mar 5 – Doug Fir, Portland Tickets ^

Mar 6 – Neumos, Seattle Tickets ^

Mar 8 – Great American Music Hall, San Francisco Tickets ^

Mar 9 – Lodge Room, Los Angeles Tickets ^

Mar 10 – The Loft, San Diego State University, San Diego Tickets ^

* Support from Jessica Moss

^ Support from Tess Roby

May 27 – Centro Cultural Villa Flor, Guimaraes Tickets

May 28 – Teatro Municipal de Guarda, Garda Tickets

May 29 – Capitólio, Lisbon Tickets

May 31 – Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona Tickets

June 2 – Best Kept Secret Festival, Hilvarenbeek Tickets

June 3 – The Old Market, Brighton Tickets

June 4 – Glee Club, Birmingham Tickets

June 7 – Field Day Festival, London Tickets

June 8 – Vilette Sonique, Paris Tickets

June 9 – Rotondes, Luxembourg Tickets

June 12 – Bergen Festival, Bergen Tickets

June 13 – Piknik I Parken, Oslo Tickets

June 16 – Traumzeit Festival, Duisburg Tickets

June 17 – Manufaktur, Schörndorf Tickets

June 20 – Rosengarten, Linz Tickets

June 21 – WUK, Vienna Tickets

June 23 – Magnolia, Milan Tickets

June 24 – Cortile Castello Estense, Ferrara Tickets

June 25 – Kaufleuten, Zurich Tickets

June 26 – Südpol, Lucerne Tickets

June 29 – Halfway Festival, Bialystok Tickets

July 4 – Roskilde Festival, Roskilde Tickets


-source shared from press release

Bristol based Phonseca’s debut album closes in on February 15th release

photo by Sarah Davis

One of the most interesting upcoming releases on my radar this year (2019) will come from electronic/ambient Bristol based artist Phonseca’s debut “Between A Dream” out Feb 15th.  If you think i’m wrong, then let me know.  Email me at but read about This is Chill – The Daily Chill first.

According to the press release, the debut includes tracks from the “Afterglow” EP which gained airplay on Gideon Coe’s BBC 6 Music show and very positive reviews from national music press and blogs. His bio reads “After playing synths in bands around Bristol’s eclectic music scene, Matthew followed a more minimal Ambient/Electronica direction. His training as a classical pianist also had a subtle influence on the sound, which at the same time, led to composing library music where his work has been synchronised on primetime TV like BBC1’s ‘The One Show’, Channel 5 programs and national TV in Poland and Romania.”

In regards to “Between A Dream”, I would like to add expect some New Order influences thrown in, a New Order remake and a remix from Scanner (Robin Rimbaud)….plus work that justifies comparisons with artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joy Division, The Pet Shop Boys and Jon Hopkins.

Listen to ‘I See Stars’ from the “Afterglow” EP and the debut full album “Between A Dream”.



source courtesy of press release

German Electronic Music Producer Christian Löffler Announces New LP “Graal (Prologue)” plus tour dates updated – new video

unnamed (72)
Credit: Brian Zajak

Yesterday (Feb 8th) German electronic producer and visual artist Christian Löffler announced the release of his new LP “Graal (Prologue)” out 4/5/2019 on Ki-Records. Its his ninth release and first full release since 2016’s Mare – and his third full album overall.

The upcoming full album was created on the road and according to Löffler, he likens it to a travel diary. Listening to “Graal (Prologue)” expect an oscillation between melancholic ambient minimal, euphoric neo-classical techno and downtempo psychedelic. Its also a reflection of Christian’s frustration of not having the mental space at the time to create music, solely focusing on visual art instead – painting, drawing. Drawing from his art gave him the freedom to create without restraints, and to “turn off my brain a bit, especially thoughts about what is possible or not”, he explains. The record is also named after the town he calls home and described as “a windswept yet picturesque German outpost on the Baltic coast – and the rugged beauty and wonder of the area’s famed landscapes shines through the whole record.” It comes illustrated with a series of Löffler’s hand drawn sketches, stark, monochromatic line drawings of people and places.

He discusses more about his newest album.

In addition he also released the single “Like Water”. Speaking of the single, it was created while sound checking at the Elbphilharmonie. Mohna (the vocalist) was improvising and singing different melodies while playing piano. We played this track often with the ensemble, but never recorded it. The finished piece has completely changed from its initial acoustic version.” says Christian.

Speaking of which, Christian Löffler is also on tour. Check out the dates below.

2/16 Hamburg (DE) – Uebel und Gefährlich
2/23 Berlin (DE) – Watergate Club^
3/1 Brooklyn, NY – National Sawdust – Event page
3/6 London (UK) – Southbank Centre
3/22 Saint-Sebastien (ES) – Dabada
4/3 Utrecht (NL) – Pandora at TivoliVredenburg*
4/4 Poznan (PL) – Tama*
4/5 Warsaw (PL) – Niebo*
4/6 Paris (FR) – Pavillon Cambon*
4/10 Brussels (BE) – Botanique*
4/11 Berlin (DE) – Columbia Theater*
4/12 Vienna (AT) – WUK*
4/13 Prague (CZ) – Cross Club*
*with special guest Janus Rasmussen
^with Kiasmos, Stimming, Matthias Meyer and Dennis Kuhl

-source shared from immediate press release

watch Odd Beholder’s new video ‘Isometry’ plus upcoming additional tour dates in Europe

Odd Beholder, the Zurich-based band project of Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann, earlier this month (Jan 2019) announced new European tour dates and released a new video for the track ‘Isometry’.  Its from her debut full album “All Reality Is Virtual”.  Combining elements of melancholia and electronic pop with her subdued pensive and reflective delivery, Odd Beholder released two EPs beforehand.

The video was filmed in China during the 2017 tour.  Commenting about it, Weinmann says: “In isometric space representation, things are always displayed in the same size, no matter how close or how far away they are from the viewer. The ancient Chinese often used this technique in their ink paintings. I spent a few months in China in 2007. I can’t forget that time until today, the memories don’t fade – like in parallel perspective, things just don’t get smaller, even though they’re always further back.”

And she continues: “China has fundamentally changed my perspective on the world. I began to understand how strange humanity is, how entangled we are globally, how China enables the basis of our consumer behaviour. At the same time I felt lost on a foreign continent and yet profoundly as a human among humans.”

Odd Beholder recently made her first appearance at the Eurosonic Festival in the Netherlands.  Her tour continues in Feb 2019.

09.02.2019 – CH – Baden, One Of A Million Festival
10.02.2019 – DE – Offenbach, Hafen 2
11.02.2019 – DE – Saarbrücken, Mauerpfeiffer
12.02.2019 – DE – Jena, Leuchtturm
13.02.2019 – DE – Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben
14.02.2019 – DE – Hannover, Feinkostlampe
16.02.2019 – DE – Darmstadt, Bedroomdisco
24.02.2019 – CH – Bern, Bee-Flat im Progr
05.04.2019 – DE – Karlsruhe, Café Nun


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Xiu Xiu news – US tour to support new album “Girl with Basket of Fruit” available Feb 9th – watch new video

American experimental music artists Xiu Xiu announced their 2019 US Tour this past Tuesday January 14th in support of their upcoming album (ironically their 14th) titled “Girl with Basket of Fruit”.  In addition, they released a new video ‘Pumpkin Attack on Mommy and Daddy’.  According to them, the video races along the thematic current of and utilizes consistent imagery and symbols from the first video (for “Scissssssors“) including reappearances of Xiu Xiu members plus performance artists Ron Athey and Elliot Reed.  Pumpkin Attack on Mommy and Daddy’ was primarily written by Angela Seo with lyrical contributions from Elliot Reed and Jamie Stewart; inspirations for the track include Toilet Paper Magazine, works by Boyd McDonald, Korean Mythological Drawings and Alcohol.  Watch above.

unnamed (69).jpg
Elliot Reed performs in “Pumpkin Attack on Mommy and Daddy”

As for the tour, it starts Feb 8th as they will perform songs from “Girl with Basket of Fruit” at the Warhol Theater in Pittsburgh. The live band will include Thor Harris, Jordan Geiger, and Jamie “Bunny” Stewart.

2019 US Tour Xiu Xiu

02/08 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Warhol Theater at the Andy Warhol Museum
05/01 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk
05/03 – Shreveport, LA @ Minicine?
05/05 – Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
05/07 – Asheville, NC @ The Mothlight
05/08 – Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall
05/11 – Providence, RI @ Columbus Theatre
05/12 – New York, New York @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
05/13 – Burlington, VT @ Club Metronome
05/14 – Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt
05/15 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
05/16 – Detroit, MI @ MOCAD
05/17 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
05/18 – Davenport, IA @ Daytrotter (Livestream Session)
05/18 – Rock Island, IL @ ROZZ-TOX
05/19 – Iowa City, IA  @ The Mill
05/20 – Denver, CO @ The Oriental Theater
05/21 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
05/22 – Garden City, ID @ Visual Arts Collective
05/23 – Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project
05/25 – Portland, OR @ Holocene
05/28 – San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel

featured image – creditShomei Tomatsu

source courtesy of press release

Rev Rev Rev news – 2019 SXSW Festival appearance will be their US debut


Now 2019 can be known as the year ‘One of Europe’s finest ‘gazer bands of the last decade'(Daily Bandcamp) finally makes their live American debut. Italian psych-shoegaze artists Rev Rev Rev  (Laura Iacuzio, Sebastian Lugli, Andrea Dall’Omo and Greta Benatti) will be playing at the 2019 South by Southwest Music Festival to be held March 8th to March 17th in Austin, TX. They were named among the second wave of Showcasing Artists invited to perform at the 2019 event.

Formed in 2011 around Modena, Italy the band didnt hesitate in their idea ‘of creating  a wall-of-sound….alternating psychedelic, dreamy atmospheres and loud, fuzz and driven moments.’  They received their first attention with the digital single “Catching A Buzz” featured on BBC 6 Radio and premiered on Clash Music. This led to their self titled debut album in 2013. Praised by webzines such as Sounds Better with Reverb (‘A mix of swooning numbers, psych, an over-the-top ear bleeders), it sold out 3 months after its release and was eventually reissued in the US under the Neon Sigh label.

Tours and events were to follow such as Manchester’s Cosmosis Festival headlined by the Jesus and Mary Chain and Brian Jonestown Massacre. They also had a 44 date European tour sharing the stage with likes of the Telescopes, Ringo Deathstarr and Gonajasufi. Their performances would lead them to be named as one of the best live shows in a 2015 ranking by 200 promoters and venue managers of the KeepOn Live indie network.  They recently played at the Left of the Dial Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

With their history of tours and events, this appearance will mark another first. They have confirmed that SXSW will be their debut in the states adding “none of us have ever been overseas and we can’t literally wait. Also, we’d like it to be just a first step towards a future US tour. We’re very excited!”

Rev Rev Rev - Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient

Their last full length album released was 2016’s titled “Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient”….one of which their song was featured on the Italogaze episode of Chill…but recently the quartet returned to the studio for a new album featuring Sergio Pomante (formerly of Ulan Bator and Lay Llmas) on drums. Speaking of the new album and the invite to the 2019 SXSW Festival they replied, “It’s a real honor and to celebrate it we’re going to play some songs off the new album for the first time.”


-source of some of the article shared from press release, interview segments by Ray DeSpinlema

Check out Rev Rev Rev’s 2019 SXSW page.

Pictureplane news – two concerts in Florida this December

Travis Egedy known as electronic artist Pictureplane will be in concert at two Florida cities this December (2018) – Orlando Dec 7th and Miami Dec 8th.   Originally from Denver and now residing in Brooklyn, and one of a few responsible for loosely inventing the sub genre term witch house, he recently released his 10th full album Degenerate last summer.  Its the fifth since 2009s “Dark Rift” which featured the single “Goth Star’.

The Miami New Times caught up with him recently in this article.  Watch the video featuring Smrtdeath “Color Spectrum (Tokyo Drift)” above from the newest album and check the brief tour info below.

Pictureplane – Florida appearances

Dec 7th – Orlando – Will’s Pub 

Dec 8th – Miami – 229 – Miami Art Week 2018