Contact – send music, music related stories, etc.  When submitting music, the show plays chill related genres and influences.  Other chill shows limit their definition to down-tempo and will even toss some sub genre that’s popular at the moment, but this goes beyond that to include experimental, shoegaze and dream pop, some acoustic, folk, ambient, ambient house, house, lofi etc.

Primary contributors:

Ray DeSpinlema – primary blogger and admin.
Ray also produces, hosts and curates This is Chill (Chill #), a podcast with its beginnings dating back to 2011 before uploading once to twice a month podcasts starting in 2016.  The show focuses on music by ambient, new age, shoegaze, trip hop, witch house, acoustic and other sub-genres appropriate for the chill music umbrella.  Its on mixcloud.  Some of the episodes are also uploaded at the this is chill # – the daily chill youtube page.  Consider subscribing!
Look out for news on this site or the facebook page for this is chill – the daily chill.

Steff M – photo and artist contributor and part time blogger.

Shae Music – part time contributor.  He has a bandcamp page too.

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