Chill #31

Chill #31 brings us back to the 1990s, a decade that in the US experienced underground music bubble to the service. Although the major labels thought they cornered the industry by snagging up artists from indie labels from all sorts of genres under the alternative umbrella – in addition to applying that DIY mentality with a bigger budget, it created an audience that didnt fully accept this. Many genres and sub genres left underground or left behind were given opportunities and some of them were able to mix those influences to create a movement of its own. This episode is dedicated to that – chill music from the 90s, whether its goth, ambient, shoegaze, experimental, dream pop, celtic or more, hidden in plain sight, moved along due to time constraints. Here’s a trip back in time. Strange it seemed like yesterday.



new release from multimedia artist Low Rhahn is on Chill #29

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Chill 29 features music from Sinestesia Letárgica, a Brazilian shoegaze/ambient duo formed in 2015 by Nefelibata (voices and synths)and multimedia and multi-instrumental artist Low Rhahn (from Campina Grande/João Pessoa, Paraíba (Brazil). Its the latest in a long list of projects and bands he’s either founded or been a member of since he first started Genes Kamikaze back in 2007.

Whether its this or the post punk mingling Astrocrushing, his work is conveyed through strong influences of surrealism, synesthesia and lethargy as if his vision were covered with blurred clouds, full of shimmering colour intermittently adjusting between blue and lilac. The sounds and aesthetics draws a comparison, i think to the first post UK shoegaze era, when the scene that celebrated itself became supplanted by Britpop eventually; when small but influential shoegaze artists and scenes sprouted from mid 90s Arizona beautiful noise scene to the Bedazzled label on the eastern US coast and Loveliescrushing’s Scott Cortez’s later projects like Star and Astrobrite when he relocated to Chicago.

Low Rhahn is currently busy touring as Astrocrushing and recording new music.

Sinestesia Letárgica’s latest is Saturn released April 21st, 2017. For more info