Chill #36

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This is Chill #36 – featuring artists under the chill music genre spectrum. For this episode we include some bright and dark and tribal and expansive atmospheres. Some of the artists featured in this episode are currently touring or will be at Moogfest 2018.

This episode features music from Andy Stott, I_like_dog_face and many more.


Chill #32

Episode 32 from This Is Chill was uploaded last week.   It was a struggle completing this in October.  While this was uploaded, added an article of new releases by Emancipator and Sinestesia Letargica.  Also working on uploading Chill #33 by the end of November and a special non chill episode by the end of the year.

This episodes spans more from this decade – not just this year.  That means releases from five years ago.  If you’re on top of this, then maybe its a nice jaunt down memory lane and if not welcome.  Check out music from Unison – the witch house duo who is been called France’s version of Salem, oOoOO, Actress, Andy Stott and some of personal favorites Sun Glitters, Arms and Sleepers and Stumbleine.

I hope you enjoy it.