Chill #30 now available on youtube – second NYC episode and featuring music from Astrocrushing

Chill #30 featuring my Manhattan trip in the summer of 2017 has been uploaded to youtube.  The original  broadcast can still be heard at  The youtube upload won’t include videos and pictures but at least you get to fast forward throught the cringey on location parts if you desire.

This episode also features shoegaze dream pop recording artists Astrocrushing too.

Here’s the playlist for Chill #30 from summer 2017

1 chicagoland by arms and sleepers
2 amoretta by tom hillock
3 all points back to you (featuring Steve Spacek) by nosaj thing
4 dont you mind by thrupence
5 beautiful people by infinitefreefall
6 angel by sara savery
7 cringe nyc segment
8 isostasy by com truise
9 lambtheme by first c of sealand
10 secret by astrocrushing
11 mouchette by oOoOO
13 Underneath by BITWVLF
14 cringe nyc segment
15 GOTH by Sidewalks and Skeletons
16 Hallow by Drab Majesty
17 Tear Love From My Mind by Love Spirals Downwards                                                        18 Earthbound by Dark Orange


I might upload some pics from the trip on this page later.


Chill #40 focuses on Moogfest 208 – plus news on Brazilian music artist Astrocrushing and Chill #39 on youtube

Chill #40 – the episode focused on Moogfest 2018 performers originally on mixcloud now available on youtube

Chill #39 episode featuring the new Amusement Parks on Fire and Stella Diana first heard on mixcloud now on youtube.

Brazilian music artist Astrocrushing’s 2017 album is on new streaming platform.


Astrocrushing’s summer of 2017 full album “Look Down” is now available on the Spotify and Deezer platforms.  The album featuring songs recorded by multi instrumentalist Low Rhahn between the months of June and July 2017 was first released on his bandcamp page where it’s still available.

In other news….

Chill #39 featuring new releases from Amusement Parks on Fire, Tristan De Liege and Stella Diana is no longer exclusive to  The episode uploaded on April 25th is now available on the youtube page.   Also you can click the video link above.

Jon-Hopkins-PCSteveGullick-A small

Chill #40  was also uploaded Saturday morning May 5th and can be found on the original page.   It was made available on the youtube page on Monday night May 7th.  No worries about finding the page, its been shared at the bottom.   This episode is a curation of music artists who will be performing at Moogfest 2018 in Downtown Durham from May 17th to May 20th, 2018…in the spirit of chill music of course. It features music by Jon Hopkins, Shanti Celeste, Carla Dal Forno and others.  Tickets are still available from single day to whole event, VIP and Engineer.   Click here to purchase tickets.

Anyone considering flying to Raleigh/Durham, at this date ticket prices are surprisingly affordable (although that may change by next week so hurry) so consider “one of the 23 coolest music festivals in 2018” as a last minute decision.

Chill #34 and music news – Lisa Berg, Moogfest 2018 and Astrocrushing



Chill #34 was delayed due to the holidays.  I was hoping to upload an episode before the end of 2017, but realized it wouldn’t happen.  So for those of you who look for new episodes of mine i am sorry for that.

Chill #34 will feature music from Luxembourg cellist Lisa Berg who unfortunately succumbed to leukemia and passed away Dec 22nd.  She was 39.  More details here.  It was also shared on the Glittersberg Facebook page, her collaboration with Luxembourg electronic music artist Sun Glitters.  The episode will feature music from both her solo recordings and her collaboration with Sun Glitters as Glittersberg.   Plus there’s music from Andy Stott and his recording with the Latvian Radio Choir and Levi Patel.

Moogfest 2018 lineup has been announced and so far it continues to separate itself from the usual money focusing arts and music festivals.  Of course, Moogfest likes to announce in increments so you’ll likely see some acts that are touring show up but so far they’ve either announced some artists that rarely tour (MIDORI TAKADA) or some relatively unknowns ready to gather for a unique arts, discussion (Chelsea Manning) and music festival like this one.  Moogfest 2018 has experienced some controversy during the announcements (Caroline Polachek), but otherwise still ready for May 17th to May 20th in Downtown Durham, NC.

Lastly, Brazilian multimedia and musician Low Rhahn yet again has a new release of music.  This time its under Astrocrushing and the new album is called “EmeraldHeart”.  Expect to hear a plethora of shoegaze, dream and noise pop influences.  Check out his bandcamp page and click on the Emerald Heart link for more details.


New Release from Low Rhahn project Astrocrushing “Secret”


Multimedia and multi-instrumentalist Low Rhahn was first featured on Chill #29 as one of the members behind the ambient duo Sinestesia Letárgica. Since then he has released a new video – this time from his other project Astrocrushing. The song “Secret” was uploaded to Youtube on Aug 5th, 2017 and is now available on the Astrocrushing Bandcamp page. Instead of his more ghostlike track that was featured on Chill #29, Astrocrushing is inspired by post punk influences but with atmospheric sounds still in step with the Cocteau Twins and more eerie parts of The Cure.  Click on the links below the video for more information.