Chill #52 features music from SPC ECO, After Daylight, Rev Rev Rev and more

Chill #52 veers away from the industry definitions of chill music and features new music from SPC ECO, After Daylight, Merely and the Suncharms.  In the case of the Suncharms, this episode careens to the edge for the indie shoegaze act, releasing new songs for the first time since 1991!  SPC ECO is the project of former Curve member Dean Garcia, his daughter Rose Berlin and a list of collaborators that goes back since its 2007 inception. Their newest album “Fifteen” is their 10th release.  After Daylight is another project, this time for Death Notes guitarist Martin Bradley (read interview) whose DIY debut album “the New Dawn” was released this past February (2019).

This episode also features music artists performing live at SXSW 2019.  Swedish dream pop artist Merely just released “Hatching the Egg” this past Feb(2019) and will be playing at the 2019 SXSW Festival in Austin, TX.  Italian shoegaze music act Rev Rev Rev is also on their way to Austin, TX for the SXSW Festival and their first ever US appearance.

Here is the playlist for Chill #52

lost love – halloweenstabparty
we can but dream – rev rev rev
interlude – ginla
the heart and soul – SPC ECO
white – after daylight
furniture – dose
each end is a beginning – seven tin stars
film soundtrack – the suncharms
crazy heart – merely
i drew a map – the day
the years – the day
honey blue (alternate version) – henry’s sun

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Ginla’s “Codex” – the debut is a satisfying mutation of the dreamier side of things


Since their formation in 2012, the duo of Jon Nellen and Joe Manzol – known as Ginla – have released a couple of singles (noteworthy ones include ‘What About the Sun’ and ‘Come Down’) that would apparently define their vision they had for their first full release. Flash forward to summer of 2018 and the process before the “Codex” release was set. Beginning with the early summer first single ‘Lomo’ – a laid back electro-acoustic flair of reflections – followed by their mid summer second single ‘Infinite’, an enchanting blend of resonating spaciness and daydream-like yet transparent voices, loosely held by fun drum n bass influences. When i first heard this, I couldn’t help but feel ecstatic for it. That said with the two releases beforehand, my concerns of an otherwise mediocre album set in. After the Sept 7th release (on Terrible Records), I’m happy to say that’s not the case.

“Codex” is an achievement in blissful lullabies, addicting at times, lovingly soothing the soul, fluctuating in pace that elates but remains true to itself. Songs like ‘Crown II(feat. Naima)’ represents the reflective side; with its shadowy organ, pensive strum of the chord and clumsy clashing of found sounds and xylophone. The lyrics sing about a reluctant plea to eternal love and eventually letting go. ‘Infinite’ is on the opposite, with Brian Eno keyboard sounds briskly conveyed by subtle drum n bass taps, lyrics delivered from the point of view of a daydreamer yet confidently voiced above the murk – imagine a dream pop Elliot Smith? I can’t help but repeat how much superlatives this song deserves. I also like ‘Between’ with the start of distant ambient echoes and the acoustic guitar loops eventually morphing into midi guitar loops at the end. With the two singles being released before, i felt the placement of ‘Infinite’ set the entire mood for the album, quickly picking up the pace from the interlude sounding first song ‘Codex’ – the title of the album. Its arguable if ‘Lomo’ was placed before ‘Infinite’, it would’ve created a more nuanced build up, but jumping into it wasn’t a bad idea either.

Beyond that, i was impressed with the jazzy organ ambient sounds of ‘Irridescent’ and the spacey acoustic guitars of ‘Interlude’. With ‘Cub’ its acoustic driven riff inspires a hook that suggests a ballad, yet with subdued slightly quirky beats influencing enough to nod your head in rhythm. ‘Know Yourself’ starts off with sampled drum patterns and melancholic organs echoing not far behind, with lyrics “the keys on the counter stove, the words you forgot to say” forging into satisfying clarity highlighted by impressive doses of electro, ambient and IDM.

Honestly i was hard pressed in finding a flaw with this album. That said there’s bits and pieces that seemed odd. ‘Crown’ with its faster than normal drum n’bass influences appears to feel out of place as it advances to the slower reflective ‘Lomo’ – the first single released. Still its not really bad they did this. If i want to hear a good drum n’ bass track, i know where to press play. Of course, there’s ‘Crown II’ so i guess they need to stick together. The positive of it all is more music right? Anyways “Codex” is a stirring debut that should appeal to those who still have faith in the existence of chillwave and it won’t end this decade. At the very least, it could be their contribution because who knows what will happen next? For now, its a worthy 2018 release.

The album is out now. Most of the links will forward to the fan link.


Emancipator and Sinestesia Letargica – two releases that claim their own in the spectrum of chill

unnamed (1)

Portland Producer Doug Appling better known as Emancipator has been busy the last couple of months.  In late August, he released his first single Ghost Pong from the future titled Baralku.    He says of the new single: “I’ve been inspired lately to return to making melodic instrumental Hip-Hop and this one has a chilling vibe to it which felt right. This specific song was born from a field recording when we had a ping pong table on tour with us.”  

Only a couple of days later, he returned to the iconic Red Rocks in Colorado with support from Machinedrum.  Just recently his new release Baralku debuted at #1 on the Itunes electronic chart.  Falling in love with hip-hop, jazz, and world music, while learning violin, Emancipator has been honing his style of chill since his highly acclaimed 2006 debut, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough.   He will be touring North America the first part of 2018.  His closest Baralku Tour appearance to Central Florida will be February 24th in Atlanta.

For more information visit this site –

Also highlights of his August 28th show at Red Rocks

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