Chrome Sparks news – new EP “Be On Fire” and North American Tour in 2019

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Press Shot / Credit: Tonje Thilesen

Brooklyn based electronic artist Jeremy Malvin, who goes by the name Chrome Sparks, has announced a new EP  “Be On Fire” to be released Jan 1st on the Ninja Tune imprint Counter Records.   Expect the same all-inclusive, dreamily-realised approach, lacing together a patchwork of wide-reaching influences.   For example, in their description of the lead single ‘In2 Your Love’, its a sandblast of synths, heavy-hitting drums and lo-fi 80s soul, inspired by the demos of George Smallwood, whose music he’s become obsessed with since a friend recently introduced it to him, and whose sampled vocal served as the starting point for the track.  Malvin’s hip-hop-indebted, energy-drenched style lights up his source material, paying homage to Smallwood’s freewheeling spirit, while turning it into something new.  

“The result is a track that I feel pays homage to an under appreciated musical gem and surrounds it with a breath of new spirit,” Malvin says.

Watch the youtube release below.


In addition, Chrome Sparks will be touring again, first making an appearance at the Magnetic Fields Festival in India, before his North American tour in 2019.  Here’s the list below.

North American Tour 2019

01/16 Austin, United States
01/18 Phoenix, United States
01/19 Tucson, United States
01/20 Santa Ana, United States
01/23 Los Angeles, United States
01/24 San Francisco, United States
01/26 Santa Cruz, United States
01/29 Seattle, United States
01/30 Portland, United States
01/31 Vancouver, Canada
02/02 Boise, United States
02/04 Salt Lake City, United States
02/05 Boulder, United States
02/07 Minneapolis, United States
02/08 Madison, United States
02/09 Chicago, United States
02/10 Indianapolis, United States
02/13 St. Louis, United States
02/14 Nashville, United States
02/16 Atlanta, United States
02/19 Raleigh, United States
02/21 Columbus, United States
02/22 Detroit, United States
02/24 Toronto, Canada
02/26 Montreal, Canada
02/27 Cambridge, United States

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Moogfest 2018 Lineup has been released. Check out the eclectic schedule and more.

First Presbyterian Church line up of Moogfest 2016

Also new music releases by

Chrome Sparks, Sun Glitters with Steffaloo and Tristan de Liège

The yearly event Moogfest recently unveiled its full lineup including artist-led workshops and conversations, film screenings, the addition of IBM Watson Creative Director Jennifer Sukis to its keynote program, and the premiere of a traveling exhibit from artist Ralph Steadman featuring many never-before-seen works.

As a companion to her keynote, IBM Watson Design Lead Maya C Weinstein will lead two workshops on enhancing design applications through cognitive technology. Participants will work directly with A.I. modules currently being used to inspire art and music at the highest levels, and use design thinking to conceptualize and collaborate on a specific project. No prior experience is necessary for participation.

The full schedule revealed also includes over 200 workshops, masterclasses, and conversations along with this year’s film programming, among which are “Bight of the Twin,” Genesis P-Orridge’s exploration of the origins of voodoo in Benin; the Bedroom Community tour film “Everything Everywhere All the Time”; Gavin Rayna Russom’s experimental short, “No More White Presidents”; the Armen RabiopicWhen My Sorrow Died”; and more. All films will be accompanied by an artist conversation directly following the screening. The Moogfest 2018 local programming announcement also accompanies the schedule release. Durham collective and record label Raund Haus, along with dance music curators The Floor have assembled a full slate of performances from local producers and DJs, plus one very special guest to be revealed at the festival.

This also includes a slate of rare appearances, mind-expanding masterclasses, workshops, and keynotes, plus the debut of A3, a revolutionary 3D audio environment to power exclusive performances from nine artists under the festival’s Spatial Sound banner.

Heading up this year’s lineup are German post-techno pathfinders Mouse on Mars (two performances); R&B visionary Kelela; Boogie Down Productions co-founder KRS-One; and resurgent English producer Jon Hopkins (two performances). Joining them in Phase Two are industrial music iconoclast Author & Punisher; synth pioneer Suzanne CianiDJ Stingray, former DJ for legendary techno group Drexciya; electropop diva Little Boots (two performances); afro-futurist hip-hop duo Shabazz Palaces; Genesis P-Orridge’s experimental video and music ensemble Psychic TV; Bedroom Community founder Valgeir Sigurðsson with labelmate Liam Byrne; genre-defying Detroit producer Waajeed; and the apocalyptic vision of found-sound collagist Yves Tumor.

More coverage of Moogfest 2018 is still to come.  Chill #40 is planned to be uploaded to before the festival featuring music from participants of the festival and another episode will be uploaded post festival.

To view Full Moogfest 2018 Schedule:
For more information, visit

In other news, as the Chrome Sparks and Machinedrum tour conclude at the end of the month, Chrome Sparks released its long awaited debut album self titled on April 13th.  Here’s the first single off that album.

Sun Glitters teamed up with Steffaloo again to released the single “Forever and Ever”.  This is the latest in their collaborations since the early decade.  Its available on Sun Glitter’s bandcamp page.

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Tristan de Liège announced the release of his latest downtempo album, Kosame,” due on Emancipator’s imprint, Loci records, April 13th . Titled after the Japanese word for “light rain”, “Kosame ” is inspired by the feelings of nostalgia, peacefulness, and transience that accompany rain.

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Machinedrum tour with Chrome Sparks and Ela Minus stops in Orlando – honors March for our Lives protesters





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On March 24th, the Machinedrum and Chrome Sparks tour made their stop at the Social in Orlando.   It was an early show.  Doors opened after 6pm and by the time i got there before 7pm, opening act Ela Minus was already on stage.  While she was setup amongst the later performances, i was impressed with the visuals of her keyboard setup.  On the side, it read “Brightmusic, Dark Times”.   Indeed.   I’d like to say her vocal stylings sometimes remind me of Bjork, driven by subtle, filtered down beats yet moving enough, with a cascade of synth sounds mixed with random noise that reminisce of days with a space age theme that is really more of a memory.   UPDATE: Live performance of her below.


During this show, Chrome Sparks actually went on second.  For all i know, this could be different in other cities but i didn’t ask.  This was the third time i’ve seen Chrome Sparks and i thought to myself this was unlikely – seeing Chrome Sparks three times, especially since 2016.  All three shows featured the Brooklyn based electronic musician touring as a duo with a drummer who doubled as producer also.  During Minus and Chrome Sparks performance, there was a covered table set up near the stage with guard rails protecting it.   Being familiar had its advantages, such as the transition to “Moonraker”.   Knew before the hard change.  They played some of the other well known songs too.  The crowd was enthusiastic and into it as was I.  During the performance, Jeremy Malvin gave props to the March for our Lives protesters who were out in Downtown Orlando that day.  Audience responded in kind.  UPDATE:  Live performance from Chrome Sparks.

After Chrome Sparks finished, it was revealed that the table protected by a guard rail on the floor was Machinedrum’s set up.  So the stage was taken out of the equation cutting the size in half.  This wasn’t bad and it provide a more intimate feel.  After some technical difficulties, Travis started performing.  For the limited time he had, he was able to mix in a good portion of his releases and didn’t seem like he was limited to new stuff.  Correct me if i’m wrong though.  He started off with his IDM and glitch stuff and worked in his new release later.  Remembering how i missed him play in Miami and Atlanta two or three years ago, its safe to say a check mark can now be placed.  Decent performance. At the end he was disappointed by the limited time allowed, especially since he’s lived in Orlando for a couple of years before relocating.


Chill #38 features some footage from this stop on the the tour and will be uploaded this week.