Listen to Chill #43 on mixcloud – featuring music from Grains of Sound, Lauge and Baba Gnohm – plus more

Chill #43 was uploaded this morning on  It’s 50 minutes of chill related music from artists from instrumental hip hop Arms and Sleepers to Ozora music festival veterans Grains of Sound.  Playlist is listed below.


Speaking of which, Grains of Sound is a side project from brothers Chris (Exeris) & Jason Sevanick, focused more on progressive psy-trance to downtempo psychill and beatless ambient.  Their recent EP the Dome is a re-creation of their live ambient performance at the Chill Dome during 2017’s Ozora Music Festival in Hungary.  The side project of their industrial act Mindless Faith, Grains of Sound’s first release was in 2007 with their double-disc debut album “Rays of Life”, comprised of Vol. 1 Down (downtempo) and Vol. 2 Under (ambient), on AlterCulture Records.  In 2010, they released the triple disc “Sine Language” and its been ongoing since.


Henrik Laugesen and Kalle Christensen better known as the duo “Lauge & Baba Gnohm” has also created electronic music since the 2000s – inspired by IDM/glitch and melancholic influences the duo’s first releases were in 2008.  One of the tracks, the single “Sandslottet” was re-released a year ago.  Lauge is working on a third release for 2018.

Chill #43 playlist – listen on the attached player above or click on Chill #43 link to the left.

Grains of Sound – Vintage Voices (cacti mix)
Tikki Masala – obsecure moods
black ether – lore
hibernation -dreamstep
Lauge – sandslottet
Suicideyear – Days Forever ft. Georgia (Official Audio)
Arms and Sleepers – Be This Way (feat. Steffaloo)
Third Person Lurkin – Tunnel Bliss
yppah – Never Mess With Sunday
Sad Radio On Cassini – Every Heartbeat Is A Flower






Suicideyear’s new album due July 6th – new single “Days Forever” released

Color the Weather is the name of Suicideyear’s new album; eight city North American tour set for July

(press release) James Prudhomme, AKA Suicideyear, today (June 12th) announced what he calls his “first proper” full length album titled “Color the Weather” to be released by LuckyMe on July 6th. The title from the electronic trap artist is based on a namesake – a coloring competition for children run by regional TV station WFAB in his native Baton Rouge, Louisiana – he felt a fitting eponym for the project, giving local kids a blank piece of paper to channel their worlds into sideways swatches of indigo and grey, devoid of lines to stay within.

Prudhomme’s vision was born in Louisiana where he’s resided all his life. He seeked solace from his troubled teen years by listening to borderless waves of electronic music online and making music with production software. His recordings appealed to electronic trap music, witch house, chill wave and other emerging related subgenres. Oneohtrix Point Never took notice and released an early full release on their Software label.

When asked to go into detail about the claims of ‘Color the Weather’ being his first real album, Prudhomme says its the first time he’s made “songs with narrative”. He speaks of the new single “Days Forever” featuring London based singer Georgia (co-producer of track) as an example. “The song to me represents the easiness and will to relive memory, stay stuck in the past and to ignore the actual ways to move on and progress.”  He also added “The second half of the song acts like a turning point of this behavior going from indulgent to unhealthy. It was also the first song I tracked all real instruments.”

Elsewhere, he taps Red Bull Music Academy classmate Casey MQ (for vocals on “Said & Done,” piano on “Color the Weather (Outro)” and additional production on “Tired”), longtime friend and collaborator Outthepound AKA Chris Burrell (sampled on “Days Won’t End”) and LA-based singer-songwriter John Keek (for additional production on “Momma”). By no coincidence his ascent has involved a fair share of collaborating – most recently teaming up with Yung Lean for single “Spider Feet” – and on Color the Weather he does so in broader strokes.

Whereas making in years past always involved a variation of “laying on a bed with FL Studio open,” Prudhomme’s process matured this go-round; entering formal studio spaces and bringing other people into the writing process brings a versatility to the project which gives it more range than ever heard from Suicideyear. Opener “Seven Year Dream” was the first of the songs to take full shape and will be uncannily recognizable to fans he’s recruited along the way, while “Little Palace Hidden Heaven” serves as an interlude in shade if not by name, one of three episodic divergences in which the producer confidently, if quietly, lets his memories stray. Like most tracks on the record, both came about by recalling a specific experience or feeling attached to a fleeting childhood home. Those sort of things are ephemeral yet forever. On Color the Weather, Suicideyear endeavors for his work to be too.

unnamed (10)

Suicideyear – Color The Weather
(July 6th – LuckyMe)

1. 7 Year Dream
2. Tired
3. Momma
4. Days Won’t End
5. Days Forever ft. Georgia
6. Kept Distance
7. Little Palace Hidden Heaven
8. Said and Done ft. Casey MQ
9. Interlude
10. Path
11. Color The Weather (Outro)

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